Theme Year Mini-Grant Application Form

International Theme Year

The Augustana Student Association invites applications for financial support to develop programming in support of the College's "International Theme Year" program. Individual grant awards of up to $500 are available to students, faculty and staff who desire assistance in developing and implementing presentations, workshops, lectures, courses and other activities that provide learning opportunities for members of the student body and larger campus community.

There is no deadline for submitting grant applications. Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis. However, funds are limited in each academic year and early submissions of grant applications are encouraged. Grants are currently available for the funding cycles indicated below:

Academic Year 2012-2013 -- China and Globalization

Background Information: ASA is pleased to support activities that expand our understanding of global issues. By managing this mini-grant fund, ASA believes that offering an incentive to become involved in the planning and preparation of programs emphasizing international theme will benefit everyone at Augustana. The source of funding represents small financial donations and commitments from many campus departments; The Augustana Student Association, Academic Affairs Office, Multi-Cultural Affairs Office, Campus Ministry, Dean of Students Office and Volunteer Services to name a few.

Grant funds are typically dispersed following the completion of the program. However, up to 50% of the approved grant may be released upon request if these funds are necessary to cover costs associated with securing reservations, down payments and the reimbursement of out of pocket costs.

Applying for a Mini-Grant: The application process is designed to be streamlined and free of the burden of submitting a lengthy application form with detailed budget and rationale.

To apply, please submit an electronic document (MS Word preferred) with the following information:

1) Name(s) of organization or individual(s) with contact information.
2) Funding cycle: Identify which one of the three academic years grant support is requested.
3) Title of proposal with a statement of rational and a brief description of the program (2-4 paragraphs).
4) Funds requested with brief explanation of how funds will be used (may request up to a maximum of
5) Submit application by e-mail to Thad Titze, ASA President -